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关于”劳动节手抄报“的英语句子20个,句子主体:Labor Day Handwritten Newspaper。以下是关于劳动节手抄报的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Labor Day Handwritten Newspaper


1、Leisure is the reward of labor.


2、In addition, labour intensity and scaffolding erection cost was decreased, while construction safety and efficiency was improved.


3、No labor dispatch service provider may withhold any remuneration that is paid to the workers by an accepting entity under the dispatch agreement.


4、Two of Beijing's 1241 model workers in 2010 are foreigners, the first time the honor has been given to expats.


5、Selected testimony from Chinese migrant workers interviewed for the report


6、Your expectation of reward for the seva turns the seva into labor.


7、A notary shall be entitled to obtain remunerations, enjoy insurance and welfare treatments.

“创新的劳动管理方法”。 《交通运输合作研究项目报告》,xx年。

8、Harsh, W. Jr. "Innovative Labor-Management Practices. " TCRP Report, 1995.

9、Article 25 The labor inspector shall report the inspection results to labor inspectorate and handle the case in the manner prescribed by the Law.

第25条 劳动检查员对于事业单位之检查结果,应报由所属劳动检查机构依法处理;


10、The factory is shut down or failed to pay wages.


11、Commonly the employees are required to bring working tools along with them and enjoy no fringe benefit. The employer pays remuneration as agreed.


12、The employers' payment for remuneration as specified in the labor contracts and abidance by the minimum salary standards;


13、Details of this medical first are published in the review The Annals of Thoracic Surgery.


14、The man who gave us a report yesterday was a model worker.


15、Mark Lowen reports.


16、Tired-eyed dieters also reported feeling hungrier than they did when they had gotten enough sleep.


17、In bourgeois society, living labour is but a means to increase accumulated labour.


18、Wages in China are rising 10% to 15% a year.


19、I want us to build an economy that rewards work.


20、Discharging of workers shall be filed with the local labor and personnel department.

21、Manual workers were found to be more likely than non-manual workers to have consolidation problems ( P< 0.01 ) in both groups.两种骨折类型的患者中,手工劳动者比非手工劳动者更易发生骨折愈合的问题(P<0.01)。

22、她的手由于家务劳动而变得粗糙。Her hands were roughened by housework.

23、The employer often takes vindictive acts on the tipster who reports the employer's violation of laws and regulations to the labor administrative departments.用人单位基于劳动者对其违反法律、法规规定的规章制度,向劳动行政管理部门举报而受到处罚后易导致对举报者的打击报复。

24、If labourers can provide an economic benefit in agriculture, they can command a premium in the labour market.如果劳动者可以为农业提供经济收益,他们可以在劳动市场中获得额外的报酬。

25、The labor of his body and the work of his hands, " we may say, are properly his."他身体的劳作,双手的劳动,我们可以说,是正当地属于他的“

英文句子26:,26、The use of machinery has superseded manual labour.机器的使用已经取代了手工劳动。

27、He wouldn't drone when he may live by honest labour.他可凭诚实的劳动生活时,他不愿游手好闲。

28、Model workers were chosen by a show of hands.举手表决选出劳动模范。

29、If Party A and Party B are not in the same region, labor remuneration and working conditions enjoyed by the dispatched staff shall be as per the standard where Party B is.甲乙双方如不属于同一地区的,被派遣劳动者享有的劳动报酬和劳动条件,按照乙方所在地的标准执行。

30、The labour expended in producing the food, and recompensed by it, needs not be remunerated over again from the produce of the subsequent labour which it has fed.生产食物所耗费的并由食物所酬报的劳动,不需要从食物后来养活的劳动者的产品中再次取得报酬。 收藏。

31、And on Thursday, the Labor Department reported that new unemployment claims jumped again.在周四,劳动部门报告新的失业人数再度增加。

32、Our country payment for labor power's safeguard existence attack dynamics is insufficient;我国劳动报酬权的保障存在打击力度不够;

33、A notary shall be entitled to receive remuneration, enjoy insurance and welfare benefits.公证员有权获得劳动报酬,享受保险和福利待遇;

34、The wellhead saving on water , being to save our life, is to lift a finger also only.节约用水,就是节约我们生命的源泉,也仅仅是举手之劳而已。

35、are you good at getting along with the old ? ~手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!

36、Payment for labor power including payment for labor association trading rights, reward request power and reward right to control.劳动报酬权包括劳动报酬的协商权、报酬的请求权和报酬的支配权。

37、At present, existing problems in the labor payment disputes of Shenzhen mainly include: the insufficiency of laws on the infringement upon the right of labor compensation;目前深圳市劳动报酬争议存在的主要问题有:对侵犯劳动者劳动报酬权的行为立法不完善;

38、Hard household chores roughed her hands.繁重的家务劳动把她的手弄得很粗糙。

39、The high laborers flowage cost, the miscellaneous procedures.劳动力流动成本高,手续繁杂;

40、Defaulting on paying wages has been written into the draft amendment as a crime to protect employees' rights to get their pay.为了保护劳动者获得劳动报酬的权利,刑法修正案草案将“恶意欠薪”正式列罪。

41、If the workers have done their work, the employing unit or its sponsor(s) shall pay them labor remuneration, financial compensation and damages in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Law.劳动者已经付出劳动的,该单位或者其出资人应当依照本法有关规定向劳动者支付劳动报酬、经济补偿、赔偿金;

42、Azan alarm and vibrator activated.在手机报警和振动器激活。

43、A skilled manual worker; a craftsperson.工匠有技术的手工劳动者;

44、Heavy work callused his hands.繁重的劳动使他的双手生出茧子来。

45、Several times at public executions in 1698 and 1699, he brushed the executioner away, grabbed the axe and did the dirty work himself, chopping off a head or two.在xx年和xx年的数次公开行刑里,他轰走了刽子手,抄起斧子亲自动手,手刃了几个囚犯

46、Peng Chu industrious hands with earth-shattering volume history books.用勤劳的双手捧出一卷惊天动地的史书。

47、Her hands were roughened by housework.她的手由于家务劳动而变得粗糙。

48、As it happened, Mallinson's labour paid off.事情发生后,马林森的劳动得到了偿报。

49、Why the emphasis on manual labor and entrepreneurship?为什么强调手工劳动和创业精神?

50、Nowadays, young people don't like manual work.目前,年轻人不喜欢手工劳动。

经典英文句子51:劳动节手抄报,51、Do you think a copycat is hateful to make achievements out of nothing?你认为抄袭者不劳而获的行为可恨吗?

52、The result of Release process monitoring of Theophylline sustained -release tablets in accordance with handicraft, save the labor strength.茶碱缓释片的释放度过程监测与手工取样分析结果一致,但节省了劳动强度;

53、But they've, you're saying, but they've all been paid for their services.但是你也说了,他们已经得到了自己的劳动报酬。

54、Where persons receiving treatment of drug addiction are organized to engage in production or other work, remunerations shall be paid to them.组织戒毒人员参加生产劳动的,应当支付劳动报酬。

55、While they were paid for their work, she said, she was herself motivated mainly by revenge.当他们拿到劳动所得时,她说,她的动机主要来源于报复心理。

56、Undersecretary Wang Dong is entered in inspect and the job was ensured to give sufficient affirmation to our city labor in have an informal discussion.副市长信长星和西安市劳动局汇报了我市劳动保障工作情况。副部长王东进在视察和座谈中对我市劳动保障工作给予了充分肯定。

57、Show concretely: 具体表现在:

1. the income of labour remuneration increased continuously;


58、From Athens, Mark Lowen reports.马克·劳文报道。

59、They live by their hands.他们靠双手劳动生活。

60、Labor market segmentation theory is also called dual labor market theory. It emphasizes the effects that institutional and social factors bring to the payment of work.劳动力市场分割理论,也称双元劳动力市场模型,强调制度和社会性因素对劳动报酬和就业的影响。

61、It fails to pay the full amount of remunerations in a timely manner;未及时足额支付劳动报酬的;

62、In socialist public-owned economy, wages are distributed according to work and are the monetary reflection of the value created by laborers in their necessary labor time.社会主义公有制经济中的工资实行按劳分配的劳动报酬形式,是劳动者在必要劳动时间内创造价值的货币表现;

63、Time is money, save manual tool, manual alignment and workpiece position detection is to save money in.时间就是金钱,节省手动对刀、手动工件位置找正和检测就是在节省金钱。

64、Based on proper understanding of the distribution relationship, we should adopt various measures to increase the wages of the low-income group while raises its proportion in initial distribution.在理顺分配关系的基础上,采取多种措施提高低收入群体的劳动报酬,并提高劳动报酬在初次分配中的比重。

65、Her palms were excoriated by the hard labour of shoveling.她的手掌因繁重的挖土劳动而磨破了皮。

66、Where the laborer is not willing to conclude a labor contract, the employer shall not continue to employ the laborer, and shall pay the laborer the due remunerations and pay social insurance premiums.劳动者不愿补签劳动合同的,用人单位不得继续留用,但应当向该劳动者支付应得的报酬,并缴纳相应的社会保险费。

67、One NGO reported that women make up the majority of prisoners in ro-dong-dan-ryeon-dae, or labor-training centers;某NGO报道说在劳动锻炼队(或劳动训练中心)中女性犯人占了多数;

68、SECURITY. Reverse alarm neutral start switch handlever parking brake.倒车报警器,空挡启动开关,手动驻车制动。

69、Now, I understand what labor means.现在,我知道,劳动手段。

70、The Times reported on Lawrence’s installation in 2001, as he was starting it, and the artist has been adding to the work ever since.当xx年劳伦斯开始着手进行作品安装的时候,《洛杉矶时报》就做过报道。 从那时起,这位艺术家一直在不辞辛劳地完善他的作品。

71、Analyzed on the reasons of the sports fatigue, and emphasized the importance of medical prevention in free sparrer . Some suggestions were given on ways to remove the sports fatigue.分析散手运动中运动性疲劳产生的原因,同时强调了医务监督在散手运动中的重要性,并提出散手运动后疲劳的消除方法手段的建议。

72、Very detailed, introduces the emergence of labor law, labor law, and so the contents of the three means, do not miss!内容非常详细,介绍了劳动法的产生,劳动法的三大手段等等内容,千万不要错过!



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