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关于”用写海报“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Write posters in English。以下是关于用写海报的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write posters in English

We warmly welcome to hold a football match with the support of the student union of our university. The friendly football match between us and the College of chemical engineering will be held on the football field of the student union on Saturday, April, and Thursday afternoon. Good news in May.

All goods are sold at a 20% discount. Please check and select carefully before you pay. We will not inform you in advance.

You are welcome to choose personal shopping service.


我们热烈欢迎在我校学生会的支持下举办一场足球比赛,我们和化工学院的足球友谊赛将于星期六,月日,星期四下午在学生会的足球场上举行,xx月好消息夏季清仓大甩卖所有商品均以八折优惠出售,请您在付款前仔细检查和选择。我们不会提前通知您,欢迎您选择个人购物服务                。


If they learn to express their love, learn to understand and support in spirit, learn tolerance and compromise, and learn to cultivate their cherished feelings in the process of first love, they have a deeper understanding of love and have a deeper understanding of themselves, which is a sign of maturity of other college students. They have not experienced the first love and are already adults and can be independent Thinking, having their own decisions, listening to love stories, reading love articles, forming their own views and having a deep thinking on love, college students have the ability to love the people they love, and they want to keep their love. There are many examples of campus love that can last for a long time.

The most convincing example is the love between my parents. They love each other in the same university, but It's not easy for two young college lovers to maintain a relationship after graduation. There are many clogs in front of them.

This separation for work or further education, as well as differences on future plans. I've heard and read many sad love stories. Although some people say that true love is not affected by distance, the two lovers in college finally broke up within a few years after graduation, For many people, love is a very difficult thing to maintain.

When a couple is separated by geographical obstacles, this is why campus love can't last. Another reason may be that college lovers have so many choices in front of them that no one can change it. Think about it, this may happen in the future.

When he or she is in college, many college lovers will say goodbye See, in some cases, campus love can last a long time, but not every university.




(poster poster poster for example: an exciting football match is good news for you. For example: we will hold a football match on July. There is a news that we will hold a football match.

We hope to raise funds to help poor children. Time is from to. For example: the game will be wonderful.

All clothes are low price and high quality. Example: you can buy tickets Yes, the price of each piece is yuan. Some new clothes can even be discounted.

If you spend more than yuan at a time, you can get a gift. Call Lily or send an email for example: please come and cheer them on. I hope you don't miss everything.

Everyone is warmly welcome to seize the opportunity, otherwise you will regret it. Our school student union will hold a basketball friendly match on the basketball court of the school student union on Saturday afternoon, June 6. Film Title: modern time: 4 June Saturday afternoon location: Metropolitan hall ticket price: one yuan ticket office: house at the school gate school student union o (∩∩) o.




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