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关于”介绍伦敦文化“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Introduce London culture。以下是关于介绍伦敦文化的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce London culture

Since the 20th century, Britain has been one of the major cultural centers in Europe. They think that what is missing from British cultural heritage is that British people introduce Europe through overseas travel, large-scale travel and other means, or simply import important handicrafts. London Museum has collected a large number of articles from their own history and the common history of the entire Western civilization In addition to the large number of Oriental treasures in the colony next to the museum, London has many buildings that play an important role in the history of architecture, not only classical buildings like St.

Paul's cathedral or the Bank of England, but also the New Gothic parliament building and high-tech Lloyd's building, as well as many other public and private buildings, houses and palaces, which have been affected all over the world The architectural style of no country in the world is the concern of the royal family. Those who are interested can see most of the main views from the top of one of the famous double decker bus suppliers in two hours.




There are many beautiful parks and gardens in London, and Qiu garden is the most beautiful. It only takes 20 minutes by bus from central London. It opens every day throughout the year.

You can see a lot of flowers. Because the plants of Qiu garden come from many countries, different plants, plants that like hot weather live in glass houses. We call it greenhouse.

The biggest one is palm tree house. It has been near A few years ago, the idea of a palm house is very smart. A lot of light can enter the plants inside.

You can climb a 20 meter staircase to the top, overlooking palm trees, oranges and bananas. It's exciting.




London is a cosmopolitan mixture of the third world and the first world, drivers and beggars, the powerful, the openly recognized working class and the avant-garde.unlike European cities, most parts of London look haphazard and dirty, but this is part of the reason why it is so attractive. To visit London is like a huge Monopoly board filled with traffic Put aside, although you may not know exactly where you are, at least the name will look reassuring and familiar with the size of the city and the need for tourists to make the most of the subway system: Unfortunately, this disrupts the city's geographical location, making it hard to accept that London is an annual tourist centre with few attractions that close or significantly shorten the opening hours in winter Of course, your best weather opportunities are in July and August in the midsummer, but even in those months, there is no guarantee of sunshine. At that time, you can expect the largest crowd and the highest price.

Westminster Abbey, one of the most visited churches in the Christian world, is the resting place of the royal family. It's a beautiful building, full of sombre graves and monuments, and its sound is chilling. As the choir clears its throat, the little fame of death and honor from beneath your spine promises to humble the greatest egoist, despite its heavy and gorgeous Memorial biliahtp://wwwtxennet/Article/txen23/htm.




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